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Cycling on the road

A lot of women are apprehensive about road riding because of clip-in pedals, cars, finding the right fit, wearing lycra..... Men go off and don't give it a thought. There are clubs just for you...

Female Adventurers

Female Adventurers

You don’t have to be an “adventurer”, you don’t have to be “epic” or “badass” - if you love the outdoors just do what you love whether big or small if it is important and significant to you that is...

Recovery from injury

Eighteen months ago I was knocked off my bike and fractured my hip socket, pelvis and elbow. I spent eight weeks in a wheelchair and had four months of rehab. I think my lifetime of doing outdoor...

Mother and Daughter Kayaking Adventure

Mother and Daughter Kayaking Adventure

The winners of this year's Sean Conway Adventure Scholarship are mother and daughter Addi and Athina (age 8). Together they will be kayaking down the Leeds-Liverpool canals, a distance of 127 miles...

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