About Women in


Women in Adventure aims to narrow the data gap surrounding women and the outdoors. Through our research, we want to increase participation, improve diversity and widen the accessibility of the outdoors for women.

We are a collective voice. Our research is focused on women, however, we believe strongly that open discussion is essential for positive change. Working towards gender equality is not something only women can talk about or act upon. To have real impact we all need to be on board.

We are all individuals and this is a subject any age, background and gender can and should discuss. Everyone is entitled to share their opinion and experience Рwhat matters is that you care about the topic.

Women in Adventure want to diversify and expand the narrative for women in the outdoors. This will be an ongoing discussion, we are not looking for the one ‘solution’ – one size does not fit all. However, through our research, we hope to start a dialogue, educate others, and encourage each of us to examine not only our own opinions but the thoughts of others.



to the experiences of others so change can be based on real data.



via a collective voice representing the opinions of many, not one.



Through the sharing of relatable information, inspiration and advice.

Women in Adventure is led and managed by Hetty Key. Inspired by her experience as a keen but amateur outdoorswoman, Hetty feels passionate about addressing the lack of accessible information surrounding women and the outdoors.

Combining her scientific background and in-depth knowledge of surveys and systems with experience working within the outdoor industry, she swapped her climbing shoes for spreadsheets to pursue Women in Aventure. It started as a passion project but soon grew from strength to strength and now offers a collective voice to women all over the world.

To learn more about Hetty check out her website or follow her on Instagram.