Research & Reports

Aims & Values

Women in Adventure wants to provide accessible information showing how and to what extent the outdoors impacts the lives of women. Through our research, we want to educate people about the benefits of the outdoors; steer the outdoor industry and brands towards positive change, and promote the open discussion of important topics such as mental wellbeing.

We recognise we are all individuals with different beliefs – one opinion is not more valid than the other. Acting as a collective voice, we want to represent the opinions of as broad and diverse range of people as possible and encourage open and honest responses. By sharing your thoughts with us you are helping to drive positive change and have the power to inspire women all over the world.

Turning the Cogs Survey

A data-led research project aimed at increasing the diversity of the start line within cycling events all around the world. Launching March 2022 – all folks and spokes welcome. We particularly want to hear from those who are part of an under-represented area of cycling, however, we are open to everyone’s thoughts and opinions.

Wear & Care Survey

Focused on sustainability, this research looks at how we use and repair our outdoor gear and the importance we place on the environment. It’s the first of its kind and aims to set a benchmark from which we can collectively take action. It takes around 10 minutes to fill out – with your input, the results could make a big difference. 

Mental Wellbeing

The Mental Wellbeing survey was launched to investigate the association between the outdoors and mental wellbeing in women. As a community, instinctively we know that being outside is good for the soul – it makes us feel alive, however, have limited accessible information on the topic. This report looks at how and to what extent the outdoors impacts the lives of women who participate in adventure sports.

Inspiration & Barriers to Participation

Our 2016 survey aimed to understand more about the diverse group of people known as ‘Women in Adventure’. This gathered the views of a representative sample of women asking them to tell us who and what inspires them, and what issues were important to them in their adventures outdoors.

Independent & Transparent

We want our research to be completely independent and transparent – our reports are not influenced by anything other than your opinion and experience. Click to read more on our approach and what we do with your data.