Turning the Cogs


Turning the Cogs is a research project aiming to increase the diversity of the start line within cycling events all around the world. Launching March 2022 – all folks and spokes welcome.

About Turning the Cogs

In March 2022, Hetty Key from Women in Adventure and Wendy Ellis will be launching a survey aiming to reach a minimum of 3,000 riders who already enjoy cycling as a regular pastime.

Cycling has taken off in recent years, bringing many of us joy mentally and physically. However, despite the rapid growth on the roads and trails with more and more diverse groups appearing, the starting lines of events are lagging behind in reflecting the world around us – Turning the Cogs want to find out why.

Anyone with a love of bikes can take part in this research, however, Turning the Cogs particularly want to hear from those who are part of an under-represented area of cycling. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already participated in an event, are an experienced racer, or have never had an interest in cycling events – everyone’s thoughts and opinions are welcome.

Together we can make events inclusive for the full spectrum of riders.

Turning the Cogs is currently collecting initial feedback to support the themes and development of the full survey alongside speaking to brands, organisations and communities interested in becoming partners.