2016 Survey: Inspiration, Barriers to Participation & Goals

There is no such thing as a typical ‘Woman in Adventure’ – we are all unique.

The outdoors community is vibrant, and we often look to each other for inspiration. We recognise that in seeking role models we can relate to, it is important for us as women to spend time with, and be inspired by, other women.

We all have different goals, priorities, and concerns. What is important to one woman is not important to another. Understanding more is the first step to providing whatever it is we need.

As a starting point, we wanted to understand what this might mean in practice – not just based on our own experience, but on the experience of as broad a range of women as possible.

Our 2016 survey aimed to understand more about the diverse group of people known as ‘Women in Adventure’. This gathered the views of a representative sample of women asking them to tell us who and what inspires them, and what issues were important to them in their adventures outdoors.

An overview of this survey’s results can be found here: Overview of 2016 Results

The full report detailing all our findings can be found here: Detailed 2016 Results

The questions asked in this survey can be seen here: 2016 Survey Questions