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A collective voice championing women in the outdoors

Women in Adventure is an independent research organisation working to increase participation, improve diversity and widen the accessibility of the outdoors for women. Driven by data, we believe change should be based on more than opinion, and represent the voice of as many women as possible.

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Our approach is simple, we want to…

Listen to the experiences of others so that change can be based on real data.

Inform brands and organisations developing initiatives for women in adventure.

Inspire others through the sharing of relatable information, inspiration and advice.

Am I A Woman in Adventure?

Women‘ (noun): anyone who identifies as a woman, including individuals outside of the gender binaries.

Adventure‘ (noun): an undertaking involving unknown risks, usually an exciting or remarkable experience.

We are all individuals – how we experience and engage with the outdoors is unique to each of us. As a result, the opinions we form from this are often different.

Through our research, we want to represent the thoughts of as broad and diverse range of people as possible. There is no right and wrong – one belief is no more valid than another. If you are interested in what we are talking about, we want to hear from you! Whatever your background, experience of the outdoors, age or gender – your opinion is welcome.

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Wear & Care Survey

Focused on sustainability, this research looks at how we use and repair our outdoor gear and the importance we place on the environment. It’s the first of its kind and aims to set a benchmark from which we can collectively take action.

Get Inspired

From world firsts to simply getting out of the door – we celebrate all forms of adventure. Embracing the good, the bad and the ugly, here are unfiltered stories from incredible women in adventure all over the world.

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