Opportunity: Women’s Outdoor Leadership Course

Here at the Outward Bound Trust we believe that role models matter to the young people we work with and so we want to play a part in providing opportunities for the next generation of great female leaders.

50% of Outward Bound course participants are female, yet our instructional team is not representative. We recognise our traditionally masculine roots and in 2019 are committed to taking action to redress the gender imbalance in our workforce. We don’t know if this is an answer to increasing representation by women within the outdoor sector. But we do know that if we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll likely get what we’ve always got. This is an opportunity to challenge ourselves, tread new ground and hopefully learn a lot through the process.

Shared on behalf of Outward Bound Trust – find out more on their Women’s Outdoor Leadership Course here.

Just Do It!

Working outside often leads me into the trap of thinking that after a hard day the best thing would be to sit in front of the TV. Sometimes this is right but so often I know it is not what’s best for me. I may drag myself out on a bike or for a walk/run kicking and screaming, but once I get going instantly it is the cure. No matter how bad things may get, just being outside and in the fresh air is the medicine I crave. We live in a beautiful country and we are made to experience it!

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.


I often find that when I’m in a mixed group, there seems to be an assumption that (usually older) men will lead it, often regardless of experience, knowledge or ability. I feel that if women put themselves ‘out there’ it can feel risky, as if a man makes a mistake that general assumption of entitlement to lead means it is generally seen as just that, a mistake. However, if a woman makes a similar error, it can be seen as incompetence.

Of course, this isn’t always the case, and I don’t have an easy answer for when it is, but I do encourage both men and women reading this to perhaps question how they go about things. There is a wide range of courses available for women who might like to lead activities but currently lack confidence and indeed women-only groups that might appeal to some.

I started mountaineering at an older age than I’d guess is average and was surprised of what I was actually capable of. That openness to pushing yourself and supporting others to do likewise is invaluable, whether in terms of leadership or just getting more out of what you’re doing.

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.

The battle within…

Running, cycling and kayaking is keeping the demons at bay.

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.

Start with a short hike

For those woman wishing to get outdoors more often and become more adventurous, grab a friend, find a local hiking trail, and just start with a one hour walk. Over time invite another friend and find new hiking trails, just keep doing it. When you are ready, seek a more adventurous trail, hiking group, local hiking guide and explore more great activities in the great outdoors. Get amongst it.

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.

Outdoor riders

People who have horses often have quite tough existences… It’s not all success and bling… As is depicted in most sports… The humbling people and the astonishing views, experiences, landscapes and how getting out with the four-legged beauties can transform your and those around you’s well being.

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.

Go for it!

Life is too short. If you want to try something new just go for it. Don’t worry about what others think. Live your life and push your boundaries. Challenge yourself everyday, or for one day. But do it for you!

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.

The only one worried about you is you

When you’re up on a wall or trekking along a trail, you’re the only one who thinks you look stupid, inexperienced, out of shape, or anything in between.

Because guess what? Everyone else is worried they look the exact same. So put it all out there. Believe in yourself and commit. You do you. We’re here to back you up.

Submitted by Anna Wendt – visit her website or follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

Get going

Start now. Put on your shoes and get out.

Do not wait until you have saved up and bought the right equipment. Get going.

Put one foot in front of the other, and before you know it you’ll have walked a kilometre/mile and then the next. Do the same tomorrow …and the next day…

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.