Solo adventures

Oct 17, 2017 | Inspiration | 0 comments

The past few summers I have found it really hard to find friends with the free time and the same interests that want to go out adventuring with me…so I decided I’d go alone.

This seemed like a big thing at the time, but now I am yearning to get back to my solo adventures. Walking in the countryside and adventuring around new areas in my camper van gave me so much confidence to take on new things.

Not only did I benefit from time to myself doing something that I loved, I dove into challenges and obstacles and came out the other side, stronger, more aware, happier and motivated for more. Lots of people around me tell me “oh I’d never go and do that on my own” but I encourage them to give it a try, to wander and explore your thoughts or immerse yourself in beautiful surroundings.

I’m no superhero, I don’t do anything that radical but it always surprises me how shocked people are that I simply walking and exploring on my own.

So go for a walk, do it for you, do it alone, it doesn’t have to be hard…

See what you learn.

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Melissa Schubert

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