Physical activity is the best treatment for mental health issues. Sometimes at the start of a run I’m still trying not to cry from tearfulness. I’m never still crying at the end. Always have a goal! No matter how small or stupid. When you accomplish it, have another.

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.


Life is too busy, so when taking the time for the outdoors, pause, stop and enjoy the moments. Breathe the air so deeply your lungs could pop, stare at the views so long your eyes fill with tears at the beauty. Talk about it… share your happiness.

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.

Sometimes life gets in the way…

We are all human and as women often have a million other things going on in our lives, be it work, partners and/or children. When you feel a bit low, a bit fed up, remember to seek out some inspiration for your next run, ride or whatever you love doing outside.

We all need to be inspired by someone to keep the circle going because you are the inspiration for the next person. Go forth, find a beautiful picture of someone running, riding or swimming in a beautiful place, be inspired, head outside and take a beautiful picture to inspire the next woman looking for a pick up when life gets in her way.

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.

Solo adventures

The past few summers I have found it really hard to find friends with the free time and the same interests that want to go out adventuring with me…so I decided I’d go alone.

This seemed like a big thing at the time, but now I am yearning to get back to my solo adventures. Walking in the countryside and adventuring around new areas in my camper van gave me so much confidence to take on new things.

Not only did I benefit from time to myself doing something that I loved, I dove into challenges and obstacles and came out the other side, stronger, more aware, happier and motivated for more. Lots of people around me tell me “oh I’d never go and do that on my own” but I encourage them to give it a try, to wander and explore your thoughts or immerse yourself in beautiful surroundings.

I’m no super hero, I don’t do anything that radical but it always surprises me how shocked people are that I simply walking and exploring on my own. So go for a walk, do it for you, do it alone, it doesn’t have to be hard…see what you learn.

Submitted by Melissa Schubert – follow her on Instagram.

Don’t get trapped in your 9-5

There is so much more out there. Especially at my age, it’s easy for people to worry that when coming out of university they must get themselves on the career ladder and secure a 9-5 (or longer) job in London. There is SO much more out there.

I worked in London, then at 24 realised I had nothing holding me back or down to staying here. Go and explore, I went to work in Kenya for a year and it was hands down the best thing I ever did. Working outside revolutionises how you think and work. I enjoy working with different people and exploring new places so that helped.

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.

Gig Rowing

I row in a Ladies crew competing in Cornish Pilot Gigs over the South West of this country, but also special events in London and Holland.

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.

Sunflowers for Soldiers: 1 girl, 2 dogs, 616 sunflower seeds

Recession, shattered career plans and 5 fractured vertebrae later the bite of conscience grips its teeth on this aspiring Army lawyer.

Brandishing a bag of seeds, a trowel, Sid the Whippet, Winston the Jug and a steely determination to honour those who suffered from the Afghanistan Legacy, I set off on a 630 mile journey along the South West Coast Path.

As I hiked the longest National Trail in the UK I met people from around the world who had been touched, in some way, by this war.

Unexpectedly, I was taken in by the band of brothers I was walking for.

Submitted by Janey McGill – you can visit her website or follow her on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Bring your friends along for the ride.

Whatever you do, at whatever level, you’re doing something that most people aren’t.

Most people don’t go running in the dark, albeit slowly. They don’t cut their hike short because they are tired, because they don’t ever start, and they can’t navigate using a map and compass because they have never tried.

But many would like the opportunity to try these things. I’ve persuaded many friends to dip their metaphorical and literal toe in the water of outdoor activities. And I get as much from this as they do. Take your friends with you.

Submitted by Alice – you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

Bivvying alone

Last month, I went to the Welsh coast to hike around during the weekend. I took my bivvy bag with me. The first night, I slept beneath a rowan tree near the coastal path. I was hidden from sight but could hear the last walkers chatting.

Then, all grew dark and still, and yet full of nature sounds, birds chirping before bedtime. The stars were bright. A helicopter came by and I was terrified by the loud noise coming towards me. I repeated a mantra to myself – safe, dry, invisible. In the middle of the night, I woke up cold and started worrying I’d get hypothermia. But I had something to eat and went back to sleep. Then, I was woken by sunlight. I heard the first hikers walking by. So I got up and packed up. It felt so free to sleep out alone in nature and I felt proud of myself like I could do anything!

Submitted by Hiranya – visit her website.