When I go outside, I listen.

When I focus on listening, I think less. When I think less, the thoughts of everyday life fade away. Some of those thoughts are unhealthy (anxiety, stress, “what should I do/be,” judging myself, etc….). When I listen, the noise of that goes away. My mind clears, I can breathe and I am free. If I do this, for myself during my time in the outdoors, then I can go back to my everyday life, with a clearer, more compassionate presence. More able to act with love to all that is around me….

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.

Get those kids outside immediately

Our oldest son’s 1st night out camping was at 6 weeks old. We drove the long way (via Canada) to get to Michigan. The two of us slept in the tent while my husband slept in the truck, but it didn’t matter because we were all there…outside together. Big brother and now little brother too are as comfortable being outside as they are in.

Submitted by Townelin

Female “adventurers”

You don’t have to be an “adventurer”, you don’t have to be “epic” or “badass” – if you love the outdoors just do what you love whether big or small if it is important and significant to you that is all that matters.

Submitted by an anonymous but wonderful woman in adventure.