Believe in yourself!

Oct 10, 2017 | Inspiration | 0 comments

I’m very fortunate to be born and raised in India in a liberal family which believes in the equality of genders. Still, I have been exposed to the inequalities and patriarchal mindset prevalent in the society. Regardless, I have always stood up to my beliefs and dreams, and have managed to pursue my dreams.

Not only have I pursued a career in the outdoor industry in a country wherein a lot of parts women are not allowed to step outside their houses but I am also a long-distance motorcycle rider.

I have done multiple bike rides in the remotest of areas of Ladakh which seldom have tarmac roads. I have been able to do so because the voice that I listened to was my own, telling me to believe in myself and not what the others were saying.

I have had my own grandfather say to me, “Do not miss the train”, referring to me getting married before its too late. To this, my brother rightly replied…

“Don’t worry if she misses the train. She knows how to ride a bike”.

Through my story, I would like to inspire all the women out there to believe in themselves and their dreams, and not let the voices of the society bog them down. Have the conviction to stand up for what you believe in and have the conviction in the powerhouse that you are. The journey won’t exactly to a catwalk but then nothing that is worth it, seldom is. Steady on and keep going.

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