Wilderness Therapy

Oct 26, 2017 | Advice | 0 comments

Journey inside, outside with IPSE Wilderness. Inspire yourself, prove yourself, serve yourself, empower yourself by taking part in a therapeutic walking pilgrimage for women.

We guide groups through different landscapes and moods, relishing the simplicity and freedom of a slow-paced walking journey with a shared purpose; to find well-being in life. We give time and space to de-tech, de-stress, de-contextualised and enjoy quiet immersion in nature, dropping into a softer rhythm of life where peace, joy and self-actualisation can be accessed.

We use counselling skills, co-listening structures, meditative practices and sharing circles to help you to open up and speak their truth with honesty and integrity. We build isomorphic connections between the features of the physical landscape, and the emotional landscape of the participants, creating resonances which can generate insight and clarity. We create empowered, strongly-bonded groups which support you to walk the talk, enacting change in life back in the real world.

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Julia Gillick

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