Tough Soles

Oct 14, 2017 | Personal Stories | 0 comments

My boyfriend, Carl, and I love to travel and be outdoors, but we always went away to go exploring. We never saw Ireland as our next big “thing”. It was home, and adventure was somewhere else. And yet there was a curious thing happening.

The further we went, and the more people we met, the more we heard how amazing Ireland was. So in April of this year (2017) we quit our jobs, handed back our apartment keys, and started walking. This is how “Tough Soles” was born – wanting to explore and find out more about our home.

The idea was fairly straightforward: walk every National Waymarked Trail in Ireland. There are 42 trails totalling to around 4,000km. We both love the outdoors but are no experts in anything. It’s been 6 months of more highs and lows than I thought a person could have. So far we’ve made it halfway. At the moment I have a foot injury, so we’re staying still for a while to let that heal. The current game plan is to finish walking by next summer.

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