Learn to live with uncertainty

I was always waiting for the right time; I lived my life dreaming of all these cool adventures, waiting for the perfect time to go off and do them. That time never comes.

At some point, you have to be really brave. I dropped everything; my well-paid job as a graphic designer, my flat in central Manchester, my life pretty much. That was three years ago, and since then I’ve spent a winter in Lapland, crossing fjells with a team of huskies and climbing frozen waterfalls. I’ve cycled round the Italian Dolomites, kayaked around the Sicilian coastline. I still have no money, and I still have no idea what is coming next but that unknown feeling the one that used to scare me and push back my plans is now what drives me.

The unknown holds so many possibilities, and I’m the one that can fill it. Those dreams are real now, and the more I explore and learn the more I want to continue my journey. It was people like you, and other adventurous women that gave me that push to do it and I am forever grateful to you wonderful, strong, inspirational bunch.

Submitted by Sophie Nolan – visit her website or follow her on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Published by Hetty Key

If I'm outside I'm happy! Fell running, mountain biking, climbing or skiing I just love getting out and pushing myself as hard as I can. As a women in adventure, I have found female role models really inspiring and motivating. There are definite moments I have really doubted myself and considered packing something in or giving up, but it's at these points looking to someone I can relate to, be that a friend or pro, really helps. Though this project I would love to find more of this type of relateable inspiration as well as being part of the wider movement to help remove any barriers to participation. Visit my site Mud, Chalk & Gears