Getting into cycling at 42

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As a child I had a bike and would often be asked to take messages to my father – so I would have to cycle to the other side of the farm, or had to deliver eggs using the basket on the front of my bike. Later in life when working shifts as a nurse in London, I commuted to work by bike, so I was not affected by public transport strikes – it was often quicker and obviously cheaper (I was given the bike!)

I had a rigid mountain bike when I lived in Devon and used it when there was no surf, but it made my neck and shoulders hurt, aggravating an old injury. I then didn’t ride a bike for several years due to change of jobs and location. After this, I bought a hybrid for bike rides with my partner and baby in a baby seat. Then got a tagalong for our second child as I did school run/preschool with them on bikes. I was surprised to have done 50 miles by the end of the week!

I got a part-time job 6 miles from home and commuted by bike even though I had a car. Then got a lighter bike, but still a step-through ladies one with panniers. Then I bought a second-hand Trek entry-level ladies race bike. It was probably too small, and gears didn’t work that well so I just didn’t change gear much!

I started to go out with a local cycling club on Sunday rides. Took my teenage daughter to a ladies BC training session and used my drops for the first time since having a road bike for two years! I went back for more training sessions; my daughter didn’t. I now have about six bikes – depending on who is asking! I have raced in BC ladies road and circuit races, LVRC road and circuit races and one not very successful TLI road race. I have done 13 open TT’s this year and was the fastest lady in 5. I manage a ladies and seniors race team for that local cycling club!
I’m probably a bit obsessed with cycling now and average 150 miles per week on a bike as I don’t have a car anymore. My holidays all involve a bike!

I’ve never been fitter or leaner in my life, and I am now 50 🙂

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