An old dream

Oct 19, 2017 | Personal Stories | 0 comments

When I was twelve, I was growing up in a very dysfunctional family and had to make tough decisions to send my stepfather to jail.

Jack London was one of the writers who probably saved my life by making me more resilient and making me dream. His descriptions of the beauty and harshness of nature fascinated me. I got married in 2010. With my future husband, we were looking at destinations for our honeymoon. I asked him:

“How do you feel about a dog sled expedition in the Canadian North?”

He said let’s go (there’s a reason I picked this man!). And so we went.

We had a fantastic time. We had a guide who taught us how to take care of our dogs, our sledges, and ourselves. And off we went on an amazing adventure. I loved every minute of it. I grew up with another dream. One of these days, when my kids can ride ponies, we’ll go horse ride as a family across Mongolia.

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