Cofounded by Hetty Key and Anna Paxton, Women in Adventure was launched on International Women Day, 8th March 2016.

The first phase of the project was to survey a sample of women who participate in outdoor pursuits. The survey aimed to identify important issues, barriers to participation and sources of inspiration for women in adventure.

We received more than 400 responses from a total of 24 countries, including participants in 35 different outdoors activities. Over 85% of the women surveyed joined our network and want to stay involved within the project. The results from this survey can be viewed here.

Looking forward to the second phase, Women in Adventure is now led and managed by Hetty Key. This phase aims to take a closer look at the key issues raised within our primary survey and identify actions to address them.

About Hetty:

I live for adventure. It is so much more than a hobby to me – I thrive on it, rely on it and in some ways couldn’t live without it. From mountains to microadventures, you can tell from one look at my blog Mud, Chalk & Gears, I am passionate about being outside. Above all, I believe everyone should have the opportunity to find their adventure, whatever that may be.

The outdoor community is both a diverse and unique one. It has already progressed so much in the past years, however, I believe there is still potential for more growth. In order for change to happen, there is a need to understand the current situation and opinions. This should not be the views of one but of many.

Through Women in Adventure, I want to help remove barriers to participation and empower more women to pursue their goals and dreams by providing the information the industry need to make that positive change.