An Introduction

Women in Adventure is an independent research-based project. We aim to;

Find sources of inspiration for women in adventure; so more can be shared.

Highlight important issues and barriers to participation for women in adventure and identify actions to address them.

Create a network to share inspiration, information, and ideas.

Launched March 2016, Women in Adventure initially surveyed over 400 women asking them to tell us their sources of inspiration, important issues and any barriers to participation they may have experienced during their outdoor adventures.

Following on from this we have created an action plan based on our main findings. We now aim to take a closer look at the key issues raised within our survey and identify solutions to help overcome them.

Our focus is to deliver positive changes for women participating in the outdoors. While we realise this may be an ambitious target, by working together with our network and the growing movement across the outdoors industry, we believe this is an achievable aim.

Our project is directly driven by what you tell us; you have the power to set the agenda! We aim to represent a view that is not just based on our own experience, but the experiences of all. We are a collective voice championing women in the outdoors.

The second phase of the project will be launched in early 2017, however, that doesn’t stop you from getting involved now. For more information and the latest updates please join our network. Or if you have further questions do not hesitate to get in touch.


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