An Introduction

Women in Adventure is an independent research-based project focused on empowering women through the sharing of information, inspiration and advice.

Our project is directly driven by what you tell us; you have the power to set the agenda! We aim to represent a view that is not just based on our own experience, but the experiences of all. We are a collective voice championing women in the outdoors.

In our 2016 Survey we looked at what drives and inspires you, alongside identifying any barriers or issues that make it more difficult for women to get involved in outdoors adventure.

This year we are turning our focus to mental wellbeing. Instinctively we know being outside is good for our soul – it makes us feel alive. However, there is a lack of accessible information showing how and to what extent it impacts our lives. Aside from proving there is a positive association between the outdoors and mental wellbeing, we would like this project to empower women and raise awareness of an often under-discussed topic.

We are working with a number of partners to ensure this survey will help deliver positive change. You can read more on how we are using your data here. All your responses will be kept anonymous, and your data will not be passed on to anyone else. You don’t have to tell Women in Adventure who you are, and you will only be contacted by us if you have given us your permission.

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