Old dogs and new tricks

Learning to climb and taking up caving in my 40’s was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I overcame my fear of heights (I couldn’t climb a step ladder), I’m stronger mentally and physically. I have learnt that I have to make things happen in my life. I’m living more, experiencing more. Loving it all. Saying yes to something that scares you a little can be a rewarding experience. We only live once. Live it.

Submitted by Nikki Dickinson

Published by Hetty Key

If I'm outside I'm happy! Fell running, mountain biking, climbing or skiing I just love getting out and pushing myself as hard as I can. As a women in adventure, I have found female role models really inspiring and motivating. There are definite moments I have really doubted myself and considered packing something in or giving up, but it's at these points looking to someone I can relate to, be that a friend or pro, really helps. Though this project I would love to find more of this type of relateable inspiration as well as being part of the wider movement to help remove any barriers to participation. Visit my site Mud, Chalk & Gears